What Does Grunt Mean?


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The word grunt is defined as a short low gruff noise. A grunt is a sound of the kind made by hogs. A grunt is slang for a soldier of a low rank or other worker who is unskilled. Grunts are fishes which are of a medium size and eaten as food fishes. They are called grunts because they utter grunting sounds when they are caught. To grunt is a verb which means to utter or issue a low, grunting, animal-like noise.

The term grunt was slang for an infantryman who served in the United States military, especially during the Vietnam War. The word grunt was supposedly derived from the sound one made while lifting up his heavy rucksack. The Covenant is a galactic religious imperial alliance which has been militarised. It comprises several races of aliens. This is one of the games in the Xbox video game franchise.

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