What Does Pungent Mean?


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Pungent means something is very strong smelling like as if some one had just stepped in fresh poo.
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Pungent means "spicy and hot." Pungent means something which is sharp smelling or acrid in taste. The other synonyms of pungent are bitter, penetrating, nauseating, caustic etc. Though the word is often used with respect to smell and taste, it can be used as a metaphor, for instance, a pungent remark, a pungent repartee etc.
An insulting wisecrack or a caustic remark laced with satire can also be termed as "pungent." Something which is 'pointed' is also called as pungent, for example, "a pungent stalk." An act or speech which drives home a point or is straight to the point is also known as "pungent."
Something which is capable of injuring or harming someone emotionally as well as physically is known to be "pungent" in nature. The synonyms in this regard are biting, nipping, barbed and mordacious. The word entered popular English for the first time in the middle of the 18th century.

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