What Does Derived Mean?


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The word derive is defined as to deduce, to reason by the method of deduction or to establish (something) by the method of deduction. To derive also means to obtain or to get. When something originates from something else or comes from it, it is said to be derived from that source. Most present-day names of people and places are derived from older forms of the names. Several words in the English language have been derived from other languages.

To derive (something from something else) is to develop or evolve (something) from the latent or potential state in which it originally exists. Basically the word to derive means to come from or to originate from (a source) or to be connected by a blood relationship.

In the field of mathematics, the word derive is used to define a statement that is derived by using logic. It starts from a known or established fact or axiom at the very beginning. The objective of a derived statement is to decide whether the statement is true or false.
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The word derived means something which is formed or developed from something else or something that is not original. A derived data type is defined as any type of datatype which is not defined beforehand.

The word derived is used to indicate that the value of the data which has been stored in the data element has been either computed or assembled from other elements of data. The value of yes (a positive value) indicates that that element of data is a derived element of data.

Derived is a word that relates to a characteristic which underwent major changes when it was passed down from one generation to the next generation. Derived, in this sense of the term, is the opposite of the word primitive. Derived requirements can be traced back to driving requirements. A derived requirement is identified during the process of development. Unless a driving requirement is satisfied, a derived requirement cannot be satisfied.
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It means formed from something or something not original
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The word 'derive' basically means to trace from a source of origin. According to mathematics, to derive a particular statement is to use or apply logic, which can be done by beginning from the recognized facts.

It can also be done from the very beginning, from axioms, to decide whether the proclamation is true or false. Properly, if you have a unit of axioms 'A', then a unit of statements B are all said to be derived it they go after rationally from statements in A.

Even more, a unit of statements C is thought to be derived if they follow statements A as well as B. Derive is even the situationist practice of drifting about a geographical space.

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