Where Is The Surname Price Derived From?


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The surname Price seems to be favoured around the Breckonshire - Radnorshire border. It is also found on the English/Welsh borders of the Marches.

the origin of the name can be found in the Welsh ap Rhys which in turn became Rees, Price nad Pryce.

Rhys was a very popular christian name in the medieval period and developed from that into ap Rhys - son of Rhys.

When the English or English speakers came to write the name down they often spelt it Rice and spelt in old documents the name takes the Latin forms Riceus, Reseus and Rheseus cnfusing matters further.

The name Rhys was often favoured by Welsh Princes and leaders hence it's popularity as a christian name. One other possible derivation of the name is Creese which is found in Montgomeryshire - this could however have English origins.

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