What Does Data Type Mean?


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Sata type is nothing but a way to declare any  variable of that kind.  It can be explain by a statement.  Eg: Int x;        float y;        char z;  Here x is a variable of type int (integer).where x assign a value which is of integer type.i.e x=5 & not x=5.012. Because x is of integer type . This value is assign by variable y.  Here y=5.012 is possible as y is of floating point number .  Similarly,      z='a' or z="my self" can be a type of character which stores single caracter or  many characters in ("-")format syntactically.
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A data type (or data type) In programming, a classification
identifying one of various types of data, as floating-point, integer,
or Boolean, stating the possible values for that type, the operations
that can be done on that type, and the way the values of that type are

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