What Does Pliant Mean?


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Pliant is best described as something that is easily influenced or formed. However it also has several alternate connotations. It may allude to anything that is impressionable and easily affected. For instance 'children's minds are usually quite pliant' or 'the maiden has a sweet, gentle and pliant nature'.

Pliant may also indicate some material that is capable of being bent or drawn out or shaped, like for instance, 'that metal is very pliant' or 'he soaked that leather pouch in order to make it pliable'.

It may also indicate something that is elastic that is something or someone who can easily adjust. For example 'A pliant personality is required for this job' or 'the contract has several pliant clauses'.

Pliant may also allude to something that is easily bent without any danger of breaking, like for instance, 'the pliant branch' or 'a pliant wire'.

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