What Country Did The Last Name, "Moss" Derive From?


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One theory is that the name Moss is thought to be of English and Welsh origin - whereas another suggestion is that it is a derivative of the Biblical name Moses.

There are a number of other possible meanings behind this particular name, so to find out more simply read on!

The origin of the name Moss

England, Wales and Scotland are the three countries most commonly associated with the last name Moss.

In the United States, it is most likely that the clan name originated from one of these three countries.

Based on the idea that the name originates from the United Kingdom, the name Moss has the definition of 'someone who lives near a peat bog'.

The Old English word for a peat bog was mos - and this name was frequently used for people who inhabited the area surrounding this type of topological feature.

If we look further back in the etymology of the word, we can trace its roots to the Old Norse word mosi.

Other origins of the name Moss Whilst the above explanation is the most common, there are several other purported origins of the name Moss.

A prevalent one is that Moss is a derivative of Moses- a name popular in Hebrew.

Other theories suggest the name is actually Gaelic.
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Moss derived from the Kingdom of England. If you are a 'moss', you are a prince/princess.
One of our ancestors, King James Mossuv was a very strong leader.
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The origin of the name Moss is found in different countries. Basically in Latin it means "Dark-skinned" and "Drawn out of the water" in Hebrew.

For the details on its countries of origin, visit the following link.
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