What Does Derivative Mean?


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According to mathematics, a derivative basically is the rate of change of a quantity at a particular time. The procedure of finding the derivative is known as differentiation and its reverse process is known as integration. Though both these procedures are the vital concepts of a calculus and are linked via the fundamental theorem of calculus.

In addition, for a real-valued purpose of a single real variable, the derivative at a particular position equals the slope of a tangent to the graph of the function of that point. Derivatives can also be used to characterize a lot of properties of a function.

The idea of a derivative has quiet a number of functions throughout all numerate regulations. Like in physics, the derivation of the position of a body in motion is its velocity and the secondary derivative of the body's position is its acceleration.
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A derivative is defined as a financial instrument. It is traded either on or off a stock exchange. The price of an imitative openly depends upon the value of one or more fundamental securities, equity indices, debt instruments, commodities or other derivative instruments. It is also directly dependent upon the pricing index or arrangement.

A derivative instrument involves the trading of rights or obligation as well. This trading of the privileges or obligations is based on the primary product, but it does not involve the direct transfer of property. Derivative instruments are used to hedge the risk or to exchange a floating rate of return for a fixed rate of return.

In chemistry, a derivative is defined as a compound which is either produced from or related to another compound. A derivative is also defined as a lawsuit which is brought by a shareholder on behalf of a corporation to protect the firm from the wrong acts committed by it.
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Derivative are read in, the branch of mathematics,  Calculus. In Derivative we read the relation between input and the function. In Simple words, we read what changes occur in the function if we change the input.
The process of finding the Derivatives is called Differentiation, which is also taught in Economics.
In Finance, Derivative is the financial instrument, which has a link with an asset.
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Write the list word that matches each derivative given
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In Physics, Derivative mean that the quantity derived from the fundamental quantity it is known as derived quantity,....

While in Mathematics, Derivative mean differentiation!
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Derivative means whether something is policy insured or not :-) Hope I Helped :) Although I Didnt Say Much :-) I don't Even Know If It's Right :S

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