What Does Poignant Mean?


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Poignant means "emotionally moving." A feeling which arouses the feeling of love and sadness is called as poignant. The word is an adjective form of the noun "poignancy." It is believed that the word entered popular English literature in the first half of the fourteenth century.
The synonyms of the word "poignant" are touching, mellifluous, stirring, affecting, heart-rending, and heartbreaking. A "poignant suggestion or remark" can be something which is straight to the point, or blunt. At times a poignant criticism can also be scathing and piercing in nature. A poignant song or music is the one which is mellifluous and tugs at your heart-strings. A poignant story or a poignant movie is the one which is mushy and can push you to the brink of tears.

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