What Does The Name Isadora Mean?


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This name was made famous by the 1920s American dancer, Isadora Duncan. In fact her spelling of the name was quite unusual; the typical form at the time was Isidora.

Isidore is the feminine form of the boy's name Isidore, itself derived from the ancient Greek name Isidoros. In its first origins the name is even older, since it is based on the name of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Greek word doron, or "gift." So Isidore means "gift of Isis."

The early Christians used the name a good deal, possibly because of its similarity to the Biblical name Isaiah (though in fact Isaiah is a Hebrew name meaning "God is salvation" and its resemblance to Isadore is a coincidence.) However, over time it became more common as a Jewish name. Nowadays it is rare.

Both Isidore and Isadora ( or Isidora) are sometimes shortened to Izzy or Izzie. Isidora can be shortened to Dora.
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Some Brazilian sites says that Isadora means "gift of moon" and could be related to Isis because the babies that was established to Isis earned this name.

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