What Does The Name Abby Mean?


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The name Abbey is a name used for baby girls most of the time. The name Abbey is believe to have come from the Hebrew origin. In the Hebrew language the meaning of the name Abbey is "Father Rejoiced". The name Abby is a Diminutive of Abigail which also means Father rejoiced. The name Abbey and the name Abigail of which it is a diminutive form also mean ' father's joy. Another meaning of the two names Abby and Abigail is said to be "Gives joy".

Abigail, from which the name Abby is derived is also the name of a famous character. This character Abigail appears in the Old Testament is said to be King David's third wife. Abigail, as mentioned in the Old Testament, was intelligent and beautiful. The old testament describes Abigail, the third wife of David as 'good in discretion and beautiful in form.

The name Abbey is also used as a male name for boys, but very rarely. The name Abby as a male name is more used as a surname than a first name. in case of first name for a boy, it is mostly used a short form for Abbot, Abner or Abelard. Another related name is Abbas.
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Fathers joy or pride
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A father's joy
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The meaning of the name Abby is joy ofthe father

The origin of the name Abby is English, from Abigail Short for Abigail or Abraham
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Abby is often used as a first name for boys. It originates from Israel, and usually means joy of the father.And some people also have Abby as surnames.

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