What Does The Name Irene Mean?


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Irene comes from the ancient Greek eirene or "peace" and in mythology was the name of a goddess whose name was associated with peace. As a Greek name it has always been popular (the modern Greek equivalent is Rena.)

Because of these associations with the classical world, the name was always known in the English-speaking world, but was rarely given to girls until the 19th century. At that time it was usually given its classical pronunciation, eye-REE-nee. In the early 20th century the name became much ore popular, probably due to the fame of John Galsworthy's series of novels, the Forsyte Saga. One of its chief characters is Irene, the beautiful, unhappy wife of wealthy Soames Forsyte. She has an affair and, when he ill-treats her, leaves him. At the time such actions were highly controversial even in a fictional character, and both the book an the character were much discussed. As the name Irene became more widespread, its typical pronunciation changed; now it is usually pronounced EYE-reen.
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Irene means Peace. It is derived from Greek. An alternate spelling is:

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Irene is a name of greek origin meaning Peace.

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