Where Does The Name Jarvis Come From?


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Jarvis is more common as a surname (as in the UK actor Martin Jarvis) but has become better known as a surname in Britain, partly due to the fame of singer Jarvis Cocker, in recent years. It first began to be used in its present form in the Middle Ages. Before that, the Norman name Gervaise, which Jarvis derives from, was in use.

Gervaise (pronounced jer-VAIS) is probably Germanic in origin, possibly based on the word ger, or "spear." There was also a St Gervasius (the Latin version of the name) in the 4th century, and some early Christians were named after him. It was made popular in England by the Normans, and for some time it had aristocratic connotations, as did many Norman names after the Conquest. The given name Gervaise is now very rare among English speakers, though still occasionally bestowed on Catholic boys. It can also be spelled Gervase.
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