What Does Dilly Mean?


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The term Dilly means something that is extremely outstanding or extraordinary, which could be in terms of size and quality. It is basically a short form or an alteration of the word delightful. It is mostly a surname or a first name.

Some of the most renowned personalities with the name dilly are Erin Dilly, who is the Tony Award nominated actress. She is one of the well known personalities for her Truly Scrumptious, 2005's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The well known personalities with the first name as Dilly are Dilly Braimoh, who is an African-British television broadcaster. Subsequent, Dilly Knox, who is a conventional intellectual at King's College, Cambridge and also a famous British code breaker.

Dilly Duck also a famous fictional character among the young, which was seen at a high rate in the British 1984 TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

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