What Does Hilt Mean?


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The word has its origin in the Old English and Middle English. As a noun, 'hilt' means the handle or lever of a weapon or a tool.' Base, bottom, end, fag end, extremity, shank, stock, stub, tip, and tail' are some terms that could be used for hilt. Some other words that are synonymous to hilt are: arm, bail, crank, grasp, grip, haft, or ear, handgrip, helve, stem, tiller, holder and knob.

The word hilt is also used in a phrase. The phrase is 'to the hilt'. This phrase means 'to the limit' or completely. For example: he danced at the party to the hilt. The phrase 'to the hilt' indicates that completely he enjoyed dancing. Another example: you are in this project to the hilt. Here, the phrase connotes that the person was being told to stay until the completion of the project.

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