What Does Gracious Means?


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Gracious is an adjective means something characterised by warm courtesy or kindness. Someone who displays tact or propriety can be described as being graceful. It refers to a compassionate or merciful nature or being condescendingly courteous. Something or someone graceful shows good taste, elegance, beauty and charm.

The word Gracious comes from the Middle English taken from Old French "gracious" which was derived from the Latin word "gratia" meaning "good".

The synonyms of gracious include cordial, sociable, genial and gracious. It can be defined as kind and giving. Antonym of gracious include hateful, mean, rude, sarcastic, un-giving, severe, unkind, vulgar, discourteous etc.

It can be used as a compliment as in "If his gracious majesty so permits", or as a characteristic as in "God is gracious".

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