What Does Parlour Mean?


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The word parlour spelt parlour in United States English means a room that is designed as a reception area in clubs and inns to receive visitors. It can also refer to a room in an establishment or private residence that is set aside for people to relax, talk and sit. In commercial establishments like specialised stores a parlour refers to a business established for a specific function, like a beauty parlour, tattoo parlour, tanning parlour etc. Synonyms of parlour include living room, front room, sitting room etc.

The word "parlour" comes from the Middle English word "parlur", derived from the Old French word "parler" meaning "to talk".

In medieval usage the room set aside for visitors in convents and monasteries was known as a parlour. The silence required at monasteries was the reason to set aside a chamber where nuns and monks could receive their visitors.

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