What Does Pare Mean?


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Pare as a verb means "to decrease or reduce gradually." Cutting or snipping small bits of an item is known as "paring." An act of peeling skin or stripping the skin off is also called as paring. The synonyms of the verb "pare" are slice, trim, cut, strip, peel, strip etc. It is believed that the word "pare" first came into existence in the 13th century. Paring is usually done with the help of an instrument like a knife or a nail cutter.

Here are some examples of the word "pare" in a sentence:

1. This little girl loves to pare her fingernails and shape them regularly. ("pare" here means cutting the nails short)
2. The potter pared off the extra clay.( Here "pare" implies "getting rid of it or cutting it out")
3. The boy pared the apple.("pare" in this context, means removing or peeling off the outer-skin of the fruit)
4. The housewife decided to pare the family budget.("pare" here implies trimming or cutting short some expenses)
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The Pare basically is cultural factions who reside in the Pare Mountain which is a section of the Kilimanjaro Administrative area. Pare is also commonly referred to as Vuasu.

The initial Pare bible was printed in the year 1910 with the help of German missionaries. Traditionally, the Pare was the chief creators of highly-demanded iron for the natives who resided in the mountainous sections of north-eastern Tanzania. Prior to the introduction of western medicine there were particular symptoms which were treated applying traditional medicine created by the Pare people.

In the beginning of the 20th century the total population of the South Pare was thought to be 22,000, including a tribal group known as Asu or Pare who normally spoke in the Chasu and the Bantu language.
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It mean a pair
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what does pare mean
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