What Does Gloomy Mean?


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The word gloomy is an adjective that can describe a range of things, however all are rather negative. As the dictionary definition states, gloomy can mean "partially or totally dark, especially dismal and dreary" or it can also mean "causing depression, dejection, or gloom".
The word gloomy is often used when talking about the weather. If it is rather dark, wet and windy then people might describe the weather as rather gloomy.

Another way gloomy is used is to describe a person's mood. If a person is seen to be 'down in the dumps' and very miserable then they can be described as being very gloomy. Somewhere or something that is very poorly lit can also be described as being gloomy.

If you are unsure of what a word means or when it should be used, it is very worthwhile taking a dictionary and looking for the word. You will find lots of concise definitions. Most dictionaries will also give a couple of example sentences where the word would be used. If you do not have access to a physical dictionary in the form of a book, then you will find many dictionary websites on the internet. You simply type in the word you wish to find out about and the definitions and examples will be given instantly.
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Gloomy is to be depressed or sad. 
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Gloomy is an adjective and is used to represent dark or dull quality. It indicates partially or totally dark. For example: it was a damp and gloomy day. This explains that the day was not so bright because it was sunless. But, the day was partially dark. Gloom also connotes cheerless or filled with sadness. For example: gloomy faces. Here, gloomy indicates cheerless or unhappy or sullen faces. Gloomy also describes something which creates gloom or depression. Such things give rise to hopelessness and are very pessimistic.

Gloomy is something which is darksome, darkling, nocturnal, dingy, lurid, murky, murksome, shady, umbrageous, overcast, cloudy, darkened, un-illuminated and black. Some other words that are synonymous to gloomy are obscure, tenebrious, sombrous, pitch dark, pitchy, caliginous, sunless, lightless, sombre and dusky, joyless, desolate, dour, glum and morose.

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