What Does Croissant Mean?


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A croissant is basically a kind of pastry which is a butter laden flaky. It is named after its shape crescent. They are generally prepared by layering yeast dough along with butter and then it is rolled in a manner in different succession rather than simply rolling it. While preparing it with the help of your hands the two most important things that you require is skill and patience. But today with the help of factory units they are prepared really fast and also freshly baked without the help of any labour. Croissants have also managed to associate it with various events to gain higher levels of popularity. In Poland it was prepared to celebrate the conquer of a Muslim incursion at the critical Battle of Tours by the Franks in 732.
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Croissant is a noun. It has French origin and is taken from the word which means crescent. It is spelt as krwass-on. A bread roll which is crescent shaped and flaky is generally called croissant. It is a butter laden pastry usually eaten for breakfast. It is a leavened puff pastry and is prepared by using yeast dough with butter. It is rolled and folded a number of times successively to give it the peculiar shape. It comes in the category of fast food items.

A croissant pastry can be prepared in a non-crescent shape when wrapped around chocolate or a paste of almond before being baked. Croissants stuffed with sweet items, cheese and ham are common in the United States. Croissants are enjoyed plain, without any fillings in France. Its typical shape makes it the world's best known pastry.

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