What Does Fossa Mean?


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The word 'fossa' originates from Latin and is taken from the word that means ditch or trench. It is taken from the feminine past participle of the word 'fodere'. The word 'fodere' means 'to dig'. In anatomical terminology, Fossa means a small cavity or depression especially in a bone. This fossa can be found in other parts of the body other than bone. For example: antecubical fossa. Antecubical fossa is a depression or hollow at the fold of our elbow where one can place a stethoscope to measure blood pressure at the forearm.

Fossa navicularis or the boat-shaped depressions – fossa of vestibule of vagina and navicular fossa of male urethra are examples of fossae. Fossae is the plural of fossa. Some other examples of such fossae are: Anterior cranial fossa, Posterior cranial fossa and jugular fossa.

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