What Does Oblique Mean?


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Oblique is a word used to describe something that is not parallel or perpendicular to something else; the object is therefore 'at an angle' to the subject. In botany, the word oblique means that two sides are of varying lengths. But in general speech, oblique can be interpreted as meaning 'at a slant'.

Doctors and midwives often use the word 'oblique' to describe the position of the baby within the womb. If the baby is in an oblique position, it means they are lying diagonally across womb, with their head usually towards the bottom. If the head is towards the top in the oblique position, it is highly likely that the baby will be born 'breach' - that is, feet first. This type of birth is unusual but not something to worry about. When the baby is in the oblique position, it usually means they are not ready to be born yet. Eventually, they will move about to lie straight in the womb, at which point the birth procedure is likely to be approaching. You shouldn't worry if your baby is oblique; it is completely normal and the majority of babies will move to become straight before birth is imminent.

Oblique can also be used in a slightly different way. As an adjective, oblique can mean indirect; for instance: 'the man smirked in an oblique way'. Here, the man smirked to imply something; he was communicating in a way that was indirect. Oblique can also mean misleading. For example: 'the girl gave oblique explanations about what her intentions were'. Here oblique is used to mean the girl was implying the wrong thing; she was telling a lie indirectly. As oblique can be used to mean two different things, when deciding what the word means it is necessary to consider the context in which it is.
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Oblique means "inclined or slanted." The oblique direction is at an angle which is neither perpendicular nor parallel. Some of the synonyms of the word oblique are tilted, lean, sloping, indirect, slanting, bevelled, bent, diagonal etc. In Botany, "oblique" refers to sides of unequal length, for example: an oblique leaf.

Something which deviates from the normal or accepted manner is also known as "oblique." With respect to this meaning of the word oblique, the related synonyms can be devious, biased, indirect etc.

Here are a couple of sentences with the word "oblique":

1. The rays of the sun fell oblique on the deserted area.
2. Please do not give oblique answers to the questions posed to you.
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It is the muscles on the sides of the ribcage
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Slanted lines that r equally apart

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