What Does Epidural Mean?


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As an adjective the word epidural means positioned over or on the dura mater.
As a noun the term refers to an injection which is given into the epidural area of the spine.

Regional anaesthesia results from the injection of the epidural aesthetic. As a result, there is a loss of sensation experienced in the abdominal, pelvic and genital areas. Such an epidural aesthetic is typically administered at childbirth as well as in gynaecological surgery. The injection of drugs is usually given through a catheter which is positioned into the epidural space. The ordinary epidural usually contains the two key drugs of drugs bupivacaine hydrochloride with fentanyl epinephrine.

A synonym for the term epidural, as a noun is epidural anaesthesia or epidural anaesthesia. As an adjective, a synonym for the term epidural is the term extradural.
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Epidural is what they give you usually when your about to have a baby, they gave me one, and from my butt down I didn't feel anything.

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