What Does Fond Mean?


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The word fond implies affection and warmth. The word is often used as a phrase "to be fond of". For example: Uncle Jim is fond of his nephews because they are tender and full of energy. The old meaning of the word "fond" was naïve or foolish. No wonder, the word comes from the Middle English "fonned," which was the past participle of the fonnen, implying "to be foolish." Fond can also mean the background of a design in a lace.

The synonyms of the word "fond" is doting, loving, caring, warm-hearted, etc. Fond in French refers to the stock or the gravy which sticks to the bottom of the frying pan while cooking meat, fish or vegetables in water. 'Fond brun' or brown stock is made from browned beef, chicken, veal and vegetables while the 'fond brun' is prepared from veal, chicken, and vegetables. A fond based sauce is usually prepared with the help of a conventional cookware rather than with a non-stick frying pan.
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Fond could also mean that you are wanting to do something for example:
King henry vIII was ver fond of tennis

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