What Does Attractive Mean?


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What attractive means is the person is cute, people like to be by him/her or you like to be by him/her a lot more than any one else than in my book that would be attractive because most attractive people always have people around them no matter what there doing or who there with.
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Attractive means something or someone that get's to your eye something interesting about that thing you like
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Beautiful, cute, and/or attractive to one's eye.
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Attractive is a word that may be described as "pleasant to the eye or mind particularly through attractiveness or charisma; having control to stimulate interest; attractive: having the properties of a crowd-puller; or the aptitude to draw or pull ".

Thus, in general it refers to either physical attractiveness or to an attractive or repulsive force (in physics). The most common usage of the term is in the sense of physical attractiveness, which is the perception of certain physical traits as attractive or beautiful. These could be of a person, a group, type of people or race.

There are numerous implications of such attractiveness which includes (yet not limited to) physique, sexual attractiveness and "cuteness". While views of the attractiveness of physical traits can be partly considered universal to all human cultures, it is also dependent on the culture/society or the time period, as well as a matter of individual preference.
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Attraction is a purely subjective abstract that varies from person to person and culture to culture. It is the notion of objects that appeals to our aesthetic senses which perceive them and then rate them with regards to our internal aesthetic processing. However, attraction can also have certain common themes in the context of cultures and the prevalent standards of beauty with reference to the time frames that they exist in. For instance, the ancient Greeks regarded symmetry of features as the epitome of what they defined as attractive. During the 17th century plump women used to be regarded as attractive or beautiful, take the case of Mona Lisa for instance which has beheld the imagination of several artists in it's time. In the modern times lean and chiseled features are regarded as attractive.

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