What Does Geezer Mean?


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Geezer is a derogatory slang term which is used to describe a person usually a man, who is old and eccentric, for instance 'Stay out of this you old geezer'. It is synonymously used with the terms 'old buzzard' and 'old fogey'. It is derived from 'guiser' which is the name given to an actor performing in a mime.

The Geezer Brigade is an organization for the elderly based in Ocean Springs Massachusetts in the USA. It claims to be the oldest organization specifically dedicated to humour for old people on the Internet. The Geezer Gamers is an internet community caters specifically to people who enjoy playing videogames. Interestingly despite its name it is built for players who are relatively young that is in the thirties and forties. Its mission is to create a space for more 'mature' game players in order to maximise their enjoyment of video games.

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