What Does Attraction Mean?


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The word attraction means feeling of liking. But we can't restrict this term to only physical attraction; it covers various aspects of life. Firstly attraction is a feeling that develops when you observe something and automatically attracted by it. It just act as a magnetism at that we are just acting as two poles of magnet one as positive and other as negative pole.

As we know that attraction is normally between opposite poles so a feeling start developing inside our body, and the things from which we are attracted just like octopus start trapping us. We can feel attraction in different places .we can be attracted toward a cute kid. The cause of our attraction may be smart dress in some shop or some jewelery in market and that is a possibility may be we are more attracted toward innocence of baby.

so basically it's a kind of emotion that we start liking things .if attraction is in the sense of love ,other person attract us just like a positive charge and we start moving toward him like negative charge. It's a natural reaction in human being if we are attracting towards some one.
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Attraction is described as the force or quality of drawing things or people towards another or as the power of arousing interest or curiosity. Thus it can be defined as the ability to draw attention and focus towards an object or person. On a wider context it may refer to several things but it is commonly used to explain sexual attraction between members of the opposite sex.

This type of attraction is a part of the mating process. It is often considered as a social activity. There are several factors involved in this type of attraction such as physical attributes, mental attributes, sound, body language etc.

Attraction can also be a function in grammar. It can be explained as an action by which a relative pronoun takes on the case of its predecessor. Thus it is a part of standard grammar and is a theoretical procedure. This is also seen in other languages such as Greek and the New Testament.
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You are asking a question about one of the most beautiful words in the world and almost everyone on earth to some extent exposed to the concept of attraction. The meaning that can be figured out from the use of the word is to like somebody in some way. But most of the times the word is being used when somebody is interested in someone in the sexual way. The following sentence can make you understand the word well as it is used in context: When she met him in the party, she felt an immediate attraction towards John and soon they were into intimate relationship.

The word is another form of the word attract, which is used to convey the same idea in the form of a verb.

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