What Does Fidelity Mean?


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Fidelity is closely related to the word fealty. Both these words are derived from the Latin word 'fidelitas' which when translated means 'faithfulness'. To put simplistically fidelity can be described as the quality or practice of being faithful. It is closely associated with loyalty. It is most commonly used in the context of a spousal relationship so marital fidelity means remaining faithful to one's marriage partner. Nevertheless it must also be taken in to consideration that many people do not consider fidelity in relationships with either emotional or sexual monogamy.

Fidelity is the antonym of infidelity. Fidelity has many connotations. Although it is most commonly used in regard to marital fidelity, fidelity can mean loyalty to one's King or country. In Christianity the fidelity of God refers to His faithfulness to all creation especially humanity in all possible circumstances. Fidelity also indicates how accurate a copy is to the genuine article. For instance an old cassette will have less fidelity than a brand new one.

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