What Does Shilling Mean?


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The word "shilling" is a noun that is primarily associated with a division of currency in the United Kingdom. Each shilling is supposed to be made up of five pence and twenty shillings made up one pound. Before 1971 each shilling was made up of twelve old pence.

The shilling is also the currency in circulation in the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia. The word shilling is taken from the Middle English and was derived from the Old English word "scilling". The word however is believed to have Scandinavian roots from the word "skilling" that meant a mark or division on some stick. Bob is generally a slang word used to refer to a shilling in the United Kingdom. The word "shilling" also found it-self being used in idioms such as "Taking the kings shilling" and "cut off without a shilling".

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