What Does Supervisor Mean?


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Paula Curran answered
A supervisor should be someone that is able to take any situation and be able to come up with an answer... And if they can not come up with an answer... Be able to point you in the right direction to find the information that you need. They should be someone that will look at any problem from as many sides as possible, and not take sides. Someone who will judge fairly and be a good example for everyone else.
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Shezan Shaikh answered
A supervisor is known as the employee of an organization who has special powers and responsibilities which have been granted to him by the management. The supervisor occupies the role between a true manager and a regular employee. The position of a supervisor is typically known as the first step of being promoted to manager. An employee can be considered as a supervisor if he has the powers of, Giving instructions and orders to his juniors and subordinates, he can also be held answerable for the work and proceedings of the employees that work under him. The supervisor is also eligible to hand and out disciplining punishments to the employees that work under him. He also has a team of junior employees working under him.

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