'Information' Is An Important Resource.Discuss Its Special Characteristics And Show Through A Diagram How The Information Is Proceed


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The term information, in this context, is defined as the result of the processing, manipulation and organisation of data in such a way that it enhances the knowledge of the person who is receiving the knowledge.

The main characteristics of information are timeliness, meaning, sufficiency, completeness, adequacy of information to serve the intended purpose, the sample size and time horizon issues, the level of detail or aggregation, redundancy, understandability, freedom from bias, reliability, decision-relevance, cost-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, comparability, quantifiability, appropriateness of format and quantity.

The term information processing is defined as the way in which information is electronically captured, collected, stored, manipulated, transmitted, retrieved and presented in the form of data or text or voice or images. It includes the functions of telecommunications and office automation. Information processing is synonymous with the term processing of data.

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