What Does Knave Mean?


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The word knave is defined as a rogue, a deceitful and unreliable person or a scoundrel. In a pack of playing cards, a knave is also known as a jack, which is one of four face cards in a deck of cards. The knave cards bear the picture of a young prince. It is the fourth-highest card in terms of its ranking.

A knave is also known as a journeyman. A journeyman is a tradesman or a craftsman. He may have completed his apprenticeship (on the job training under a seasoned professional), but is unable to set up his own workshop and be a master. In some parts of Europe, including Germany in the later medieval times, people spent time working as journeymen and moved from one town to another in order to acquire more experience by working in different workshops. Being a knave was an important step in the process of training to become an aspirant master.

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