What Does Dap Mean?


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To dap refers to the act of fishing by allowing a hook that has bait attached to it, to fall slowly into the water surface. It also refers to dive gently or swiftly into a water body, usually what birds do. It also refers to the activity of skipping and bouncing, mainly just skimming the top of the water surface.

It also refers to smack something on a plane surface in such a way that it gets deflected, or ricochets.

DAP stands for digital music player, a kind of a device (could be either hardware or software), that can play audio files in the formats of AAC, WMA, MP3 or others. There exist many music players that are based on specialized software in the market. They can play audio on a Personal Computer or a Laptop like Windows Media Player etc.

In hardware, numerous portable players used memory or hard disks to store audio files from a computer. In such players, the iPod by Apple is evidently the market leader.

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