What Does Jerusalem Mean?


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Jerusalem has many names in different languages, and there are seventy different Jewish names for Jerusalem.

In the Talmud, it is given that Jerusalem was named by the creator of this Universe. This name 'Jerusalem' has two parts: Yira and shalem. The first part Yira means 'to see' and the second word 'shalem' means 'peace'.

It was originally known as 'the Heritage of peace' or 'the Heritage of Salem'. Uru-shalim was the original name of the city. Later, it was changed to Yerushalem.

The words Uru and your are related to the Hebrew word 'Ir' and mean 'city (of)'. Thus, the Hebrew name Yerushalayim means 'City of Peace' and its Arabic meaning is 'The Holiness'.

The Greek form of Jerusalem is Hierosalem and Hierosolyma. Hiero means 'holy'. Thus, it means 'holy city' or 'holy hall'.
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Sometimes in the Bible, city could mean a person (jeru) and (salem) means peace. Jesus is the prince of peace, who died for the world.

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