What Does 'Barracks' Mean?


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The word barracks is defined as the living quarters of members of the armed forces. The word barracks is always used in the plural. It is not a singular word. It is, however, not uncommon for non-commissioned officers (abbreviated as NCOs) of the military and enlisted personnel to be housed in barracks. They also stay in barracks during their service or training period. NCOs who are a lower rank are housed together in large numbers. When the NCOs rise in the ranks or before commissioned officers, the higher-ranked NCOs or officers are housed in fewer numbers.

Barracks are also used as lodging for convicts. Barracks began to become a common feature in the United Kingdom after the year 1780. They are permanent buildings for soldiers. The barracks is the name given to an NYSP substation .This is the place where Troopers assemble for duty, change into their uniforms and pick up their kits and patrol vehicles. The troops in Upper Canada were housed in barracks called blockhouses. These blockhouses were housed in forts.

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