What Does Denatured Mean?


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The word "denatured" is the past participle form of the verb "to denature." To denature means to alter the natural qualities of a particular substance to make it unsafe for consumption. A substance which is denatured has some or all of its natural properties changed without destroying its usefulness in other things. For example: ethanol or ethyl alcohol can be denatured by adding methanol. This can make alcohol unfit for drinking without affecting its use in other applications.

In biochemistry, it is a term used to open up or change the three-dimensional chemical structure of the protein molecule by applying acidic or alkaline substance, ultraviolet radiation or heat, so that the original properties are eliminated or lessened. Denatured also refers to a property in which the two-stranded DNA is split into single, separate strands. The word also refers to adding a non-fissionable material to a fissionable material or neutralizing an atomic weapon or atom bomb to prevent its misuse.

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