Where In Ireland Does The Surname Kelly Originate?


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Kelly is a Gaelic surname meaning descendant of Ceallach – the bright-headed. In this form it was spelt O'Ceallaigh. It is a polygenic, name originating from appearance or physical characteristics. The prefix 'Ó' was dropped by most during people bearing the name during the period of the Penal laws. The prefix was then adopted again during the Gaelic revival.
The surname Keely derives from at around seven separate septs.
The most notable of these being the O'Kellys of Ui Maine Connacht. Other septs of the clan, included Breagh, Co. Meath; Cineal Eachach in County Derry and Antrim; and Leighe in County Laois. Septs were found in County Kerry, Wicklow, Sligo and Cork
The name was also found as Queally, O'Kelly, and O'Keily
The surname tends to be found in counties Cork, Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon
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Kelly is said orginate from various parts of Ireland where the O'Kelly clan came from. You can read more about the clans here. The meaning of the name Kelly is answered here.
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Any trace of kelly co kerry

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