What Does Bury Mean?


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The word "bury" essentially means to dispose a corpse by means other than cremation. A burial is done in a ritualistic manner and the dead body is placed in a tomb, sea or a grave. The other meanings of "bury" is "to hide" or more specifically to cover oneself with earth, or some other thing which can obstruct the view. For example: Little Jeffery buried his face in the pillow to escape the wrath of his evil uncle. '

To bury can also mean to focus or concentrate intensely or passionately. For example: Nicole buried herself in her SAT exams. One can also "bury a secret" or "hide a secret." There is a popular phrase called "bury the hatchet" which means to resolve the differences and make peace. The word owes its origin to the old English word "burien."

Bury has an interesting usage in the world of wrestling. The champion wrestler is asked by the booker to lose the match one after the other until he comes to the level of an undercard or someone who can be in the preliminary league. The wrestler is relegated to the status of an undercard player or "buried" because of his fall-out with his booker or the company.

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