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'Explore' means to examine or investigate. 'Exploration' has an adventurous flavour to it. Often, exploration involves finding out about new territory. This territory can be geographical or mental. Science 'exploration' refers to investigations in a field of thought.

An explorer of the geographical world was Christopher Columbus, who is credited with discovering America. An explorer of the frontiers of science was Albert Einstein. His theory of relativity came to fruition through his tireless investigation of the world of science.

Because it breaks new ground, the idea of 'exploration' has feelings of excitement and daring attached to it. Society has long valued the activity of exploration, because it has led to developments in the arts and sciences, advancing society. Explorers whose work has benefited civilization may be given an almost god-like status. Many explorers are venerated even after their death. An example of a legendary explorer is Amelia Earhart. Her final flight from which she never returned added to the mythos of the great explorer, who was willing to risk everything in the quest of knowledge.
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Obsolete. to search for; search out.

To engage in exploration.
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All explanations are at least in part incorrect. Explore comes from the Latin "explori" which in turn comes from the greek -ex meaning out and -plori meaning the front part of a boat. In classical Greek the word for setting off on a journey by boat was "plorizo"
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The word 'explore' is one of those words that we use very often, as part of our daily vocabulary.There are many such words that we use everyday, but have a vague idea what the actual meaning is. This can be an embarrassing scenario when someone, usually a kid, comes up and asks you, 'What does this word mean?' and you go uh huh...

The word 'explore' has quite a few meanings in the verb form. It means 'to inquire into', as in 'to explore the option'; 'to travel to', as in 'to explore hitherto unknown spaces'; and also 'to examine'.

The word 'explore' is said to originate from a term used by hunters. The term was used to denote using a loud cry, the literal meaning being to 'set up a large crowd.' The word originates from a combination of two words - ex - which means 'out, and plorare - which means 'to cry.' There is another version, which says that the second part of the word originates actually from the word 'pluere', which means 'to flow.'
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