What Does Bravo Mean?


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Bravo is an exclamatory remark. It is said to express appreciation of a performance or approval for a performer. People shout this word when someone, especially performer, does something very well. Bravos are the plural used for this word. It can also be used as a transitive verb and intransitive verb. The endings that it takes when it is used as a transitive verb are: -voed, -voing, voes. As a transitive verb it means, 'to express approval by shouting bravo'. As intransitive verb, it means 'to shout bravo'.

As a noun, 'bravo', means 'a villain', especially a hired killer. This word has an Italian origin and is used to me brave or bold. Other things that use 'bravo' are: television network in America; Bravo, Edna Ferber's novel; Johnny Bravo, a cartoon character; and Fiat Bravo, compact car manufactured between 1995 and 2001.

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