What Does Distinction Mean?


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Distinction is word which conveys several meanings. It serves different purposes in different situations. Distinction means the act of distinguishing or differentiating between objects, qualities and characteristics. It refers to the quality of discrimination. It is used to indicate the sharply defined differences in things or people and the estimation of its extent. The words synonymous to distinction in this context are contrast, dissimilarity, diversity, peculiarity and variation. It is a distinguishing quality or difference. "There is a distinction between being good and pretending to be good", "There is a distinction between love and infatuation" etc are some of the usages of this word in this context.

Distinction also means eminence or merit. It is an indication of superiority or importance. It refers to a person holding a position of significance and great magnitude in the society. Thus a person holding a conspicuous station is said to be distinguished. It is a designation of honour and the official recognition of a person's contribution and success. "He is a distinguished personality". 'He has earned the distinction of being the best rider in the town". These sentences are examples on how the word "distinction" is used in this context.

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