What Does Distinctive Mean?


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Distinctive means noticeably different. It is a quality that helps to distinguish between people or things. It means to set something apart from others. It also means classifiable. It means unique, special and different. It is an adjective. It is pronounced as di-stingk-tiv. Thus it conveys an idea of being individualistic, attractive, and notable and of possessing a special quality.

Thus a distinctive thing or person is easily identifiable and characteristic or typical. Peculiar, one of a kind, idiosyncratic, distinguishing etc are some more synonyms of this word. Common, normal, resembling, similar, standard etc are the words that mean opposite of this term. She has a distinctive gait, he is a very distinctive figure etc are examples of this word and its usage.

A distinctive characteristic refers to a feature that is unique to person or a thing. It is a special trait or quality. This attribute or characteristic makes a person distinguishable and gives him a separate identity that is different from that of others.

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