What Does Deprived Mean?


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Deprived means taken away from or denied. It originates from the word deprive. It also means to put an end to something and to destroy. It is the act of preventing somebody from possessing something. Bereaving somebody something is known as deprive. It is spelt as deprivare or deprivatum in Latin.

The people who lack something like advantage and opportunities or possessions are said to be deprived. Deprived is defined as "of deprive". It is pronounced as di-prahyv-ed. It is a verb form of deprive. To remove some one from office is also known as deprive and the person removed is known as deprived. "He was deprived of even the basic needs of life", "a normal childhood was deprived to them after the death of their parents" etc are examples of this word and its usage in various sentences.

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