What Does Encapsulation Mean?


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Encapsulation means enclosing as in a capsule or the condition of being enclosed. Thus it refers to the act of storing something within an enclosed barrier. It has different uses in different contexts.

In computer science it is a process of creating a new entity by combining two or more elements. While in the perfume industry it is related with the act of enclosing perfume in small nodules or capsules. It is the same in the medicinal context where encapsulation is the procedure of storing medicines in small capsules and giving them for consumption.

But in general this term indicates storing and concealing things. Hence in general it pertains to the inclusion of one thing within another thing with completely closed barriers which render the concealed thing to be hidden and not apparent. De-capsulation is the opposite of encapsulation and it means to remove a thing that is encapsulated and make it apparent before everybody.
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It refers to the way most objects combines its member data  and functions into one single structure . This way you can make a new object.
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Hiding the data

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