What Does Cameo Mean?


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The original meaning of cameo is a piece of jewellery, such as a brooch, made of a profile portrait on a different colour background. The word is also used to mean a short piece of writing which sums something up - some thing like a snapshot, but in words. The third meaning is a small but significant role played by a famous actor in a play or film.
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Cameo means like writing about you and other people in the story it is a meaning which is in different stories
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The word though signifies a few meanings; all the meanings to some extent convey the same idea.

If a famous actor plays a small role in a movie or in a play you can say that he made a cameo or the actor had played a cameo role.

The word can also be used for a short piece of writing that gives a good description about something.

The word has another meaning also which if you give a good look will find that it also has a same origin. It is used for a piece of jewellery that is made of raised design and often the background of the jewellery is of different colour. You can use the term cameo as an adjective to describe that kind of jewellery as a cameo broach or a cameo ring.

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