What Does Formulated Phrase Mean?


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A phrase is a grammatical expression made up of two or more words. It is constructed in such a way that it does not contain a finite verb. Thus, it does not make a complete sentence or clause. It is a sequence that does not contain clause elements like subject, object, an adjective, a noun or an adverb. Example: a shady lane (noun phrase). Another example: he drove very slowly. 'Very slowly' in the sentence describes his driving or his actions. Thus, it is an adverbial phrase.

The verb 'formulate' means 'to represent in a definite form' or 'to express precisely or systematically'. Formulating something is developing or creating a method, system et cetera. Thus, one can develop phrases in a similar way and express the thing intended in a clear sequential format. Example: an apple of one's eye. This is phrasing which means favorite. But, it is arranged in a sequence of words that mean favorite. Such phrases are called formulated phrases.

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