What Does Cripple Mean?


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The word cripple generally means to make something weak or damage it severely. For example: Asia's economy has been crippled by inflation. Another example could be: the measure taken by her crippled their efforts. Cripple is also used to denote something that is rundown of efficacy and strength. For example: the employee's behaviour crippled the boss's hard work. Cripple could also mean to hurt or wound someone so that they cannot use their arms or legs correctly or cannot walk. For example: the accident crippled her for life.

Cripple can be used as a proper noun, which denotes a person who has physical disabilities, especially in the lower part of the body. Such a person is not able to walk or move in a proper or correct way. However, this is an offensive use of the word cripple. When someone is said to be emotionally crippled, he is not able to deal with his own or other peoples feelings.

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