What Does Neoplasm Mean?


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The word neoplasm is a medical term which is defined as a new growth or tumour. A neoplasm may either be benign or malignant. It is an abnormal and uncontrolled mass of tissue which results from the excessive division of cells. These tissues are not required for the repair of organs. The growth of these tissues is uncoordinated with and exceeds that of the normal tissues. Benign neoplasms are not cancerous, but malignant neoplasms are cancerous.

It starts from a single cell which has been altered. Cancer is a malignant neoplasm. A neoplasm is a tumour or a new growth of tissue which serves no physiological function. The multiplication of cell is localised. It generally designates a collection of cells which have undergone genetic transformation. A combination of these modified cells form a tumour. Neoplasmic cells differ in their structure and function form the original type of cells.

A nevus (the plural form of the word nevus is nevi) is defined as the medical term of a non-cancerous growth on the skin, such as mole. A nodule is defined as a solid raised bump on the skin. It is greater than ten millimetres in diameter.
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It's also known as a tumour, an abnormal growth of body tissue that can either be malignant ( cancerous) or benign.
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" New growth. " Latin.

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