What Does Chardonnay Mean In English?


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Chardonnay is a type of grape that one uses to produce white wine. It is also used to make Champagne and white Burgundy.

It is a good quality white wine grape that is not hard to grow. A number of different wines can be manufactured from this grape. This fact certainly accounts for the versatility of the grape.

Chardonnay is also the name of the wine that is made from the grape of the same name. it is generally dry. Some chardonnay wines may taste buttery, while others may taste creamy or smoky. Chardonnay goes best with fruit enhancements like melon and apple.

Other names for Chardonnay include Beaunois and Pinot Chardonnay, although it is not to be mistaken with Pinot Blanc, a separate range. Chardonnay is produced on a large scale in America, Italy, Australia as well as Spain.

Chardonnay is said to be the white wine counterpart of Cabernet Sauvignon, a red wine grape, in terms of quality and popularity.

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