What Does Claude Mean?


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Claude is a name given to males. It has a Latin origin and means 'lame'. The name can be used in relation to people in real life or fictional characters. There are many famous personalities with this name 'Claude'. Claude Thomas Bouchier was an English Lieutenant. He received the most prestigious award for heroism, Victoria Cross. This award is generally given to British and Commonwealth armed forces. He fought the Cirmean War and later attained the rank of Colonel.

Some other notable personalities like Loius- Claude Daquin and Claude Debussy, French composers, Claude Demetrius, song writer, Claude Hulbert, British comedian and French artist Claude Lauren all use Claude in their names. French painters, Claude Monet and Claude Joseph Vernet also have Claude in their names. The video games and animation series like Grand Theft Auto, Beyblade anime, Bleach and Star Ocean: The Second Story use characters with Claude in their names.

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